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"They're in Adrian, my house is in Dexter, but I work in Saline. So that I didn't have to wait all day, the service technician called me when he was on his way and we worked out meeting at the house. BIG plus to me.

We just bought the house a couple months ago, but he was familiar with the history of the device from working with it before. He explained how he troubleshooted the problem (and what I should look for in the future), what the fix was, and walked me through the programing of the unit. About a week after the work was done Mary called to ask if I was happy with the service, had questions, etc.

Great service from good people."

—Sean C., Dexter, MI


"After other companies had told me I needed thousands of dollars invested into a new water softener system, I called Sieler's for a quote. Mr. Sieler discovered that one of my valves was switched that shouldn't be. We had been dealing with hard water for months, and after his visit, we had soft water within hours! Thanks for your knowledge!

- Samantha H. , Adrian, MI


"Just wanted to thank you for the lovely gift! We will always recommend Sieler's Water Systems to friends and family. We haven't had any rust issues since the new system has been in.

-Shirley K., Tecumseh, MI

Informative FAQs

Yes. The test should include hardness, iron, pH, and total dissolved solids. The trained professionals here at Sieler’s Water Systems can help you  with your testing needs.  

1. Do I need to get my water tested?

No, water softeners are not all alike. There are different types of systems, all of which have different uses and purposes. Call our professionals today to learn which of these softeners will work best for your needs: dual-tank, salt-based, or salt-free water softeners.

2. Are all softeners alike?

Yes, potassium chloride is a salt substitute. However, using this substance is less cost effective and uses more product during each regeneration. In addition, other products are available depending on your water issues.

3. Are there other products I can use in my softener?

You need a softener if you desire better water for your family. Although EPA standards are set for city water, substances can remain in city water that can be hazardous to your environment. In addition, human error is always a possibility!


Clogged pipes, destroyed appliances, stained clothing, along with chlorine in your drinking water are just some of the reasons why you need a water softener/water purification system in your home. This is why having the experts in the field, such as those here at Sieler's, perform a water test free of charge is the best action to take.







4. Why do I need a softener/water purification system if I live in the city?

An R/O system will remove impurities for amazing drinking water, while a softener will remove the contaminants that make your water hard. Combined, these two systems provide your home with the best water possible.

5. What's the difference between a reverse osmosis system and a water softener?

The culprit is most likely iron in your water. Depending on the amount of iron in your water, most softeners remove this contaminant. However, if you are experiencing this, an iron removal system may be needed. Our systems are a great chemical-free alternative.

6. What is in my water that is turning my clothes and hair orange?

With soft water, you may experience a slippery feeling. This is due to the natural oils of your skin. Hard water leaves behind soap scum residue and mineral deposits on your skin, which causes you to feel dry and scratchy. With soft water, your skin is smoother and silkier.


You will find with soft water you are using less soap and shampoo to produce more lather as you shower/bathe.




7. My water feels slippery. Is this normal?

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