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Pictured above is what bacterial iron looks like in the back of your toilet.


Iron, sulfur, and tannins in your home's water can cause damage to your fixtures, discolor your clothes, and leave you with smelly, unpleasant, bad-tasting water.


You can get chemical-free water purification systems featuring patented Vortech technology from Sieler's Water Systems. Often, your iron, tannins, and sulfur problems can be solved without using harsh chemicals or complicated equipment.


Let our experts show you the variety of options you have available for dealing with iron, tannins, and sulfur.




Once your water has been tested, we'll help you find the solution that's best for you and your family.


We also offer FREE estimates on all of our water systems.

"Problem solved. Had a rusty water problem with my current system. I now know how water systems work. I am a happy camper and no longer have to take a bath in orange water."

—Marilyn P,

Brooklyn, MI

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Iron, Tannins, & Sulfur Removal

"I had rented two systems somewhere else for years to take care of my water being so hard, and to at least reduce the iron in it as well. On a whim after hearing a commercial, asked for Sieler's to test my water. Mr. Sieler came to my home did a water test from the well, and a test from what my systems were doing. Long story short, I now only have one system to treat my water! I just thought it was my water, I didn't think it could be 'fixed'! My water is perfect now!

- Kelli K.

Clayton, MI

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