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Whether you have smelly water, orange water, or hard water at your home or business, our systems are custom made for your water.


Let the water experts at Sieler's Water Systems, show you the options available to meet your specific water needs and help make your water perfectly clear!

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Modern equipment with multi-compartment tanks, allows us to tailor your water treatment to your family's needs.


These efficient systems use less salt and save money through on-demand regeneration.

"Great service, plain and simple."

—Jeff S., Adrian, MI


"I highly recommend this company. Les and his staff have been wonderful. We just moved to Tecumseh and first meant Les at Adrian’s first Fridays. That next week Les came to our house and did a free water testing. My husband and I came from the city so all of this is very new for us. He sat with us and explained everything to us. Because of this we were able to get set up with everything we needed to treat our water. We are so not to have smelly water anymore. Thank you Les and everyone at Sielers.

- Tracy R., Tecumseh, MI

Different Types of Water Softeners Available  

Efficient Water Softening Systems

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This entire setup includes a reverse osmosis system, methane removal, sulfur removal, a mixed carbon tank, and chlorine injection-

this kills bacterial iron and sulphur while purifying your drinking water.


Don't put up with contaminants in your water any longer. Call (517) 265-2029 to schedule your free water analysis, and discuss your water options.


We can travel to you! We have fantastic customers in Ann Arbor, Dexter, Saline, Jackson, the Irish Hills, northern Ohio and more.

We also service & install at industrial sites, commercial buildings and restaurants.


Check out what perfectly clear water tastes like here:

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